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Realistic Smoke and Fog Overlays

An extensive collection of 150 Smoke and Fog Overlays that can enhance your image, they are great for detail shots and where smoke/fog is present to enhance it significantly.

This versatile collection of Overlays is also great to add realistic mist , fog or smoke to an image in order to create a moody atmosphere. Smoke & Fog Overlays is an essential tool if you want to add depth, distance, realism and drama to your image.

Very easy to use! Just place it on your photo and set ‘screen’ blending mode for the layer with Smoke and Fog Overlay-texture. Change the layer mode to get even more interesting options!

What’s included: 

  • 150 JPG images Size: 3590 × 5385px
  • How to install (pdf)

Compatible with: Photoshop Elements (any versions) Photoshop (any versions) + Creative Cloud

Category: Smoke & Fog

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